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Advanced EMDR Therapy Workshops 


"Breaking the Cycle of Trauma, Addiction and
Compulsive Behaviors: An Integrative EMDR
Therapy Approach"

November 2-3, 2018  San Diego, CA.
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Presented by Susan Brown, LCSW, BCD
"Feeling stuck in your work with clients who are caught in the web of addiction, unable to stop, but desperately trying?"
"Is it safe to proceed with trauma work when your client is not yet clean and sober?"
"What protocol best fits the clinical needs of your client and when should you use it?"
This advanced workshop is for fully trained EMDR clinicians who want to develop their skills working with trauma, substance use disorder, and other compulsive behaviors using EMDR therapy. Key components from several modified addiction approaches (DeTUR, Addiction Memory, Idealized Positive Affect / Feeling-state and Avoidance) are synthesized and taught as an integrative model that includes: case conceptualization, safe preparation, timing, target selection, and relapse prevention within a trauma-informed framework.
Guided by current research and the priniciples of Adaptive Information Processing (AIP), you will learn how EMDR therapy, as a memory-based approach, can address these highly treatment resistant behaviors and facilitate a resetting of the neural circuitry where life's focus shifs from simply surviving---to thriving. Join us for this 2 day event and learn how to work with your clients to systematically untangle the web of addiction and create a life worth staying sober for.
About the presenter:

Susan Brown in a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified Diplomate in private practice in San Diego, CA, specializing in the treatment of trauma and addictions. She was a principal investigator in a pilot study utilizing an Integrated Trauma Treatment Program (ITTP) in the Thurston County Drug Court in Washington State combining Seeking Safety and EMDR therapy. Susan has co-authored two book chapters and articles on the subjects of trauma, addiction, and personality disorder. She has presented nationally on the use of EMDR therapy with co-occurring trauma and addiction. She is an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant and Basic Training Facilitator for the EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program and the EMDR Institute.
"What previous workshop participants say about training with Susan:"

"Susan Brown's mastery of addictions is matched by her ability to integrate theory and research with practice in this 'must-see' workshop for all EMDR therapists. One of the best I've seen."

"Susan's integrated approach supplied the missing piece in my work using EMDR with addicted clients. I have observed significant improvement with this population as a direct result of this synthesized approach."

"This workshop gave me some incredible tools to work with. I feel so much more equipped to give my clients understanding, validation, and hope."

"Susan's wisdom, guidance, and encouragement is going help me give hope to my addicted clients in their journey. The videos of case examples and handouts were fantastic--very helpful!"
Workshop Objectives:

Through lecture, discussion, video clips, and practicum experiences, participants will be able to:

1, Conceptualize and describe addiction as a bio-psycho-social neurodevelopmental disorder of learning, memory, and neuroplasticity based on current knowledge of neurobiology.

2. Learn, practice, and apply an Integrative EMDR Addictions Approach including elements from credited contributors (Popky, Knipe, Hase, Miller) synthesized within EMDR therapy’s 8-phase, 3-pronged protocol.  

3. Develop an addiction-specific AIP informed treatment plan including specalized resourcing procedures, identification of both rewarding and distressing memory elements, and clinically supported timing of targeting (what to do and when to do it). 

4. Identify and apply tools for working with "parts of self," integrating IFS (Internal Family Systems) with EMDR therapy,  toward adaptive personal integration and increased ability to engage in a healthy, sober lifestyle.
If you are interested in hosting this workshop, please contact Susan Brown by email or phone.
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13 Clinical CEs approved by and 13 EMDRIA credits approved (Provider #10001, Program #10001-
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